3 Obstacles Homeowners Face When Selling Their Houses During the Winter

When it comes time to sell a home sometimes a homeowner can’t pick when they sell. Selling in the winter time is still a good time to sell but be aware of these 3 obstacles.

Right Price  

Homeowners often find it difficult to put a price on their home and it’s even more important during the holidays as emotional attachments adds a personal value to the property, which gets in the way of setting realistic asking prices. Real estate in this online world trades at a very fast pace so any listing even slightly overpriced will sit for a long time and the longer it sits on the market buyers will think something is wrong with it. Price it right from the beginning!


Snooze buttons exist for a reason… being on time is a challenge for most of humanity. Deadlines are a big reason reason for selling (ie. a new job start date) and when a seller needs cash or freedom quickly the traditional process of a sale isn’t always the best option. Inspections, lending red tape and fickle buyers are all reasons closing dates get pushed back. Cash buyers like, We Buy Tri-State Homes, can close on a fast deadline but most importantly, your deadline!

Showings and Open Houses

Winter means snow, salt, and slush in the Tri-State area, which means it’ll be on buyer’s boots as they walk in and all around your property. If you’re going to list in the winter time be prepared to deal with less buyers, holding open houses that no one attends and constantly having to keep your home in pristine condition. These demands and constant intrusions can strain even the best of families and relationships. 

Why not make it easy on yourself? Let We Buy Tri-State Homes handle the paperwork and guide you through the process of how we value your home, the price we provide is the amount you’ll receive, no commissions, fees, or repairs needed.  All the obstacles homeowners face when selling their houses during the winter months in New York, Connecticut & New Jersey can be eliminated by selling directly to We Buy Tri-State Homes. To learn more about us and what we are able to offer you, reach out to our team today! 929 209 4724 

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