We Buy Tri-State Homes

Our TEAM at We Buy Tri-State Homes are problem solvers. We provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of tricky situations… like foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, divorce… we do this by being consultants! We get to know each and every one of our clients and what they are looking to accomplish and only then do we make an offer. Every human’s story is unique and every real estate situation is more complex than just a low ball cash offer.

We do this by taking all of our clients through an in depth consultation. We may not be the right buyer for you – maybe it’s better to list it with an agent or maybe do a loan modification – whatever the situation is, we will help guide you in that direction. 

We Buy Tri-State Homes is a real estate solutions firm based in Brooklyn, NY & Kingston, NY, Jersey City, NJ, and Hartford County, CT serving the New York, New Jersey & Connecticut areas.

Our Values & Mission Statement

Honest: No deal is worth a compromised integrity.
Creative: We think outside the box to make a deal work.
Respect: We’re all in this together. I am you as you are me.
Committed: We will help get you where you want to be.
Transparent: We have an open book policy.

From Our CEO

Hello! My name is Kyle P Brennan and I formed this company after working as a real estate agent in New York City and selling over $100M worth of real estate all while feeling like I could be doing more for my clients. It felt like I was a mechanic trying to fix an engine with just a wrench – listing a home for sale on the market is just one tool for helping a homeowner.

So I sought knowledge. I learned construction, tax deeds, the foreclosure process, subject to financing, probate, divorce proceedings, development, wholesaling… I jumped in because they say, “knowledge is power“. I also realized my business is limited by my own personal limitations so I dove into high level coaching, therapy, meditation, yoga and personal growth… I’ve read all the good books 😉

All of this knowledge combined with 13 years of broker experience is the foundation of which We Buy Tri-State Homes is built upon. We are family owned because homes are a familial matter. We are here to serve yours and look forward to you becoming part of ours.

Welcome to our family!

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